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    Privacy and Dignity Policy

    Policy Statement

    Nightingales believes that every service user has the right to live their life with privacy, dignity, independence and choice. Our service will work in collaboration with all legal and caring agencies to uphold these rights.

    Aim of the Policy

    This policy is intended to set out the values, principles and policies underpinning our care service’s approach to privacy and dignity. We believe that privacy is an absolute right of every service user and is an integral factor in the preservation of each individual’s personal dignity.

    Our approach ensures compliance with the Care Quality Commission's guidance.

    Privacy Policy

    All service users of this care service should:

    • Be able to control their own environment
    • Be able to entertain guests in private in their accommodation as they wish
    • Be entitled to expect confidentiality in all matters, and for their permission to be obtained whenever private information needs to be made available to others (excepting that information necessary to staff to provide proper care)

    Dignity Policy

    All service users should:

    • Be treated with dignity in the way in which the staff deal with dressings, bathing, feeding, incontinence and all other needs
    • Be addressed in the manner that they choose
    • Be respected for their individuality, their views, and the way in which they are accustomed to conduct their lives.
    • Be consulted on any matter or activity, which may impinge upon their life within the home in any way, and to have their wishes respected
    • Retain all the rights enjoyed by individuals remaining independent of services.
    • Be entitled to have their own culture, religious practices, and beliefs observed and respected at all times


    Our staff will endeavour to:

    • Always treat service users with sensitivity, respect and thoughtfulness
    • Always knock before entering a service user’s accommodation
    • Always address service users by the title or name that they prefer
    • Always treat service users as individuals
    • Allow service users to do things for themselves whenever appropriate
    • Never gossip about service users
    • Never discuss private or personal issues with a service user in public
    • Avoid the use of patronising or insulting language
    • Give appropriate room and space to service users
    • Always treat service users in a dignified and sensitive way when performing intimate care tasks


    All of our staff must demonstrate an understanding of, and follow our policy on privacy and dignity.

    Induction training on privacy and dignity has been developed in line with the Care Certificate standards, particularly Standard 7: Privacy and Dignity

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