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    It's always nice to get positive feedback from our service users, here are just some of the thanks we have recently received from users themselves, or family members.

    Deborah,12/03/18 "With grateful thanks to all the carers who came to help wash and care for Mary in her last weeks. It was her special wish to stay in her own home for the end of her life, and you all looked after her with much care and dignity. Thank you all for the wonderful support."


    Denise, 01/08/17 "I have been very impressed with your service. Sam is always punctual and has put my husband at ease. The benefit of having him showered and dressed in half an hour, where it would have taken me maybe an hour. Many Thanks."

    Denise, 01/08/17

    Dave, 31/07/17 "We wanted to thank Sam, Jane and all of Nancy's care team for the fast response and excellent care given to Nancy, when she had a very sore wrist over the weekend. We are really pleased with the brilliant service you all give her and she looks forward so much to your visits."

    Dave, 31/07/17

    Elma, 23/06/17 "This is a big thank you for all your help last week. All of you were truly lovely and wonderful. Thank you once more."

    Elma, 23/06/17

    Ken, 03/06/17 "My wife wishes to thank you for the very kind birthday card you sent her for today. It is very much appreciated as is your excellent service provided to us."

    Ken, 03/06/17

    Joyce, 24/04/17 "I really could not do without your service. Everyone is so reliable and never late. I enjoy shopping and Wednesday is the hair-dressers and a little runaround, then home for a nice cup of coffee - The carer says "put the kettle on". And we sit down and have a nice chat - I'm sure having Nightingales Golden Care Ltd is keeping me going, so please keep going, you are a wonderful firm to know."

    Joyce, 24/04/17

    Mr & Mrs O, 11/3/17 "Many thanks for arranging the earlier attendance of your carers. An excellent service, may it continue"

    Mr & Mrs O, 11/3/17

    Sue, 28/12/16 "Just to say how marvellous Sam and Jane have been with mum, Barbara. This Christmas has been very different as they have visited when due unlike last years' "carers". It is now almost a year since we found you and have had no problems at all, with both mum's regular carers often going above and beyond. Many thanks and we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017. Kind regards Sue"

    Sue, 28/12/16

    June, 02/10/16 "Dear Mr Chudley - Thank you for your letter dated 8/9/16 informing us of change in billing. May I take this opportunity to say how happy we are with the treatment we are receiving from Nightingales since we registered with you 8 weeks ago. Misha is our chief helper & what a wonderful person & excellent helper she is. The relief helpers are also excellent we hope for a long & happy relationship."

    June, 02/10/16

    Derek, 01/10/16 "I wish to pass my thanks to Nightingales for the efficiency with which they dealt with the problems of my wife Shirley. In particular I would like to mention Paula who attended my wife fairly regularly. My wife looked forward to her coming to care for her and I was delighted the way she looked after her. Well done Nightingales. Well done Paula."

    Derek, 01/10/16

    Veronica, 28/04/2016 "I would particularly like to thank Sam and Jane. Their kindness and dedication to their work, combined with their friendship has been much appreciated."

    Veronica, 28/04/2016

    Kim, 26/4/2016 "To Misha - Thank you for the extra support with Jeanne, my mother in law, a lady that has Alzheimer’s and needed extra support over a 2-week period. Jeanne and the carer in place needed lots of support and during this time you went above and beyond to give excellent care. Hugely appreciated."

    Kim, 26/4/2016

    Laurien, 11/04/2016 "Thank you and all the staff, particularly Sarah, Jane and Jo who cared for her so well, plus others, over the years. I would not hesitate to recommend Nightingales as a very professional, caring organisation."

    Laurien, 11/04/2016

    Angie, 24/2/2016 "Thank you for facilitating the care I receive. It provides me with invaluable help, without which I could not cope each day, especially with the extra stress of supporting Mark with the nasty side effects each day he still has from cancer treatment he received last year & more recently, which limits my husband’s stamina and inability to give me much if any support for my needs. Sam, Kayleigh, Kathy, Jane & Toma have been especially valued and supportive for me since I’ve started receiving care from Nightingales. Their support has kept me going each day."

    Angie, 24/2/2016

    Jean, 14/01/2016 "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Sam for all the help and care you gave me in my early days from hospital. I certainly would not have been able to manage without you, so a very big thank you."

    Jean, 14/01/2016

    Barry, 26/11/2015 "I would like to thank you for your help and advice, in particular, Taff and Jenny, the carers who visited dad to make him comfortable and book time for a chat. Many thanks."

    Barry, 26/11/2015

    Sarah, 4/11/2015 "It is a little short of two years that Nightingales took on Albert’s care at very short notice and have adjusted and extended his care times as it has become necessary. Throughout the time he was so grateful for the care everyone gave him, frequently telling visitors that he ‘could not ask for better’. As his health declined over the past few months it was very reassuring, both to him and us, that the same group of carers were with him on such a regular basis as they had come to know his likes and disliked so well. There was kindly banter, which he loved, but also real practical and professional care, evidenced by his skin integrity right to the end, not always easy to maintain in the elderly. I was enormously touched by the gentle way Jagoda and Sam washed and settled Dad on his last evening, it was clear that he was calm and very comfortable, one could not ask for more. Thank you doesn’t really cover what you have all helped us achieve which was to fulfil Albert’s wish to remain at home, able to enjoy his view of the sea, surrounded by his books, pictures and the memories of a lifetime. With our heartfelt thanks,"

    Sarah, 4/11/2015

    Eileen, 21/01/2014 "I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the care Sam, Tracy and Jodie have given to Gladys. Before Sam and the ladies came along, I was increasingly concerned for Gladys’s well-being as she was refusing to eat and her previous carers did not seem concerned about her cleanliness or about supervising her taking her medication. Since Sam and her team have come along, Gladys look so much cleaner and has fresh clothes every day. They persist in tempting her to eat properly and giving her encouragement. Where she was starting to look quite drawn in her face, she is now back to normal. Sam and her team have always been professional in their approach and have always kept me informed of any problems and concerns. I am very confident that Gladys is in safe hands now. I cannot thank Sam and her team enough for all their help and support."

    Eileen, 21/01/2014

    J, 9/08/2013 "I would like you to convey my thanks for Sam Pettitt and her team for their help and support, since 25.08.2012. Sam has been very efficient and acted very quickly on any concerns we raised. Bernadette, Sarah and Sam were brilliant. My mother very much appreciated their company as well as their help and support. With their help it enabled my mother to live at home, on her own, for longer. I cannot thank them enough."

    J, 9/08/2013

    Amelia, 16/12/2011 "I have been a service user for 3 years + and I must say what a star and more my PA Maureen is. She is like a friend to me. I look forward to her visits even when I don’t feel my best. Maureen makes me feel better and I have struggles, but she has supported me through it all. In short, what I’m trying to say is thank you all at Nightingales for what you do, not just for me, but for other service users too - Love and best wishes."

    Amelia, 16/12/2011

    14/12/2011 "Thank you for the care afforded to our handicapped son, Stephen, over the past few weeks. It has saved us from a lot of stress and strain. The carers who came were all very good, professional and caring."


    28/08/2010 "Thank you to all the carers who looked after our mother, Kathleen with such kind kindness. - From all her family."


    26/08/2009 "The introduction of the PA service is described by Mrs D as having “transformed her life, no longer confined to her own home, she is now able to access both social contact and services in the community.” Mrs D is enjoying the ability to go shopping, the opportunity to choose her own clothes and withdraw her own cash from the bank. She now has regular contact with people on a daily basis as the PA visits are staggered with the cleaner, gardener and a weekly visit by a friend. Mrs D stated that she now feels she has a reason to get up in the morning."


    P, 29/07/2009 "Overall, I am very pleased with the service from Nightingales. Maureen is the perfect PA for Helen. They get on very well with each other, Maureen is full of really good ideas to get Helen motivated and that is just what she needs. Maureen also knows exactly what to do when Helen has a seizure, so I feel better knowing I am leaving Helen in very capable hands."

    P, 29/07/2009

    Debbie "I have been a service user of the Nightingales PA service for the past four months. I can honestly say, they have helped my self-confidence and mental stimulations so much. The PA’s have been kind, helpful and never patronising. My quality of life has truly been enriched by the time spent with them. I would be very happy to recommend this service to anyone."


    Joan "I would like to thank the staff who have been to our home to care for me when I was unable to look after myself, especially the four regular girls, Natalie, Carol, Elaine and Debbie. They became friends to us."


    Tamsin & Stephen "To the lovely Sam - For always being at the end of the phone when needed and for your incredible organisational skills."

    Tamsin & Stephen

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