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    Another 2 staff members complete 10 years of service

    Tuesday, June 06, 2017
    Staff turnover is very high in the care industry, 38.1% as a national average in 2015/16. With that in mind it's no wonder that we wanted to reward both Daniel Stacey and Paula Stacey with £500 each to thank them for their loyalty.

    Paula and Daniel also happen to be mother and son. They both started working with the company at the same time. Daniel is part of the management team, dealing with the company's accounts and payroll and Paula is a Community Care worker, cycling around Portsmouth visiting elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes.

    The Registered Manager for Nightingales Golden Care, Ben Chudley had this to say...

    "What Paula and Daniel have achieved with their 10 years service is fantastic. We are immensely proud of their achievement and very grateful for their hard work and dedication during their time with Nightingales Golden Care. They are now the 4th & 5th staff members who have made it to 10 years with the company in our 14 year history. This is what we have found to be most important to the people who use our service, for them to know that they will see the same person day in, day out is extremely valuable as it enables them to build up trust and rapport and have continuity. We are glad to reward both Daniel and Paula for this achievement."

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