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    Live-in Care

    “Live in care provides a flexible option for those with substantial support needs, and is often able to prevent admission to a care or nursing home. Service users may have physical or sensory needs that mean they require “round the clock” care, or issues like dementia, that make it difficult for them to be on their own. Live in care also provides an answer to social isolation, with the worker acting more as a companion than a care worker.”

    What is Live-in Care?

    Our Live-in Care service enables people to stay in their own home even when they require regular support or have complex care needs. A live-in carer will stay in your home to provide care when required; 24 hours a day.

    Could Live-in Care be for you?

    There are many factors to consider when deciding if Live-in care is the most suitable option.

    • Nightingales Golden Care provides round the clock, one to one support for less than the cost of local residential/nursing homes
    • With Live-in Care, the cost is the same for a couple, whereas costs would be doubled in a residential/nursing home
    • Live-in Care could be a cost-effective option if you are receiving more than 50 hours of care at home per week

    Support and Security
    • Having someone as a companion and not just a carer reduces social isolation
    • Family and friends have more flexibility when considering their own options for respite
    • Enables you to stay in your own home
    • Offers the reassurance that a trained professional is always on hand

    We can provide Live-in care services with as little as 48-hours’ notice. So, call us today on 02392704190, our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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